pylori Bacterium Could Be Eradicated Using A Cancer Drug


The Vanderbilt team has recently tested a medicine as a chemoprevention agent for in numerous types of cancer and it has been found to have more than one way of tackling stomach cancer. The researchers identified that along with its well-known ability to block the creation of cell growth compounds, the medication DFMO (difluoromethylornithine) can also directly act on the bacterium Helicobacter pylori to lessen its virulence. As per the studies, H. pylori infection is found to be the chief cause of gastric cancer. The DFMO is believed to help prevent stomach cancer that is currently the third deadliest cancer-causing deaths worldwide.

Though the bacterium is found to affect the stomachs of half the human population only 1% of them may develop stomach cancer. The current confusion is what has to be treated so as to prevent stomach cancer. The bug causes other effects like asthma, esophageal reflux diseases, and other allergic diseases. As the bacteria have been evolving with humans for quite a long time, the attempt to eradicating the infection for preventing stomach cancer by using antibiotics does not seem to be a good option. The basic idea is to reduce the virulence without the need of eliminating it. The team from the Vanderbilt Center for Mucosal Inflammation and Cancer had earlier related the development of cancer in H. pylori-infected models and the formation of cell growth complexes called polyamines and found that the DFMO can inhibit an enzyme necessary for polyamines production followed by stomach cancer prevention.

The researchers are hoping that if the drug interferes with CagA activity, which is the main virulence factor, then it is a bonanza. Researchers Jefferson and Imvax have developed a new experimental glioblastoma vaccine, IGV-001, that can enhance tolerance level, survival rate, and slow tumor recurrence in the patients. This aggressive form of primary brain cancer takes 11-15 Months prognosis with standard treatment.

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