RAS To Release Findings From The Only Space Telescope Of Russia


Scientific information from the operation of Spektr-R, the sole Russian space telescope, with which researchers lost touch in January, was been divulged during a Council meeting of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) held on April 2. The statement read, “The Spektr-R will be talked about on 2 April at the summit of the RAS Council.” The report also mentioned that the conference would begin with a foreword by RAS President Alexander Sergeev.

The statement further added, “Then, Nikolai Kardashev, the director of the RAS Astro Space Center of the Physical Institute and Anatoly Petrukovich, director of the RAS Space Research Institute (IKI), will reveal the scientific information that they were capable of obtaining with the assistance of the Spektr-R space device.” Following that, Rashid Syunyaev will put forth the Spektr-RG telescope program scheduled to liftoff into space on June 21, 2019.

The Spektr-R telescope was lifted off in 2011 into orbit to look at black holes, the magnetic field of the Earth, neutron stars, among other things. The telescope, on 2 January, discontinued replying to the control command of the spacecraft, though carried out to send scientific data. Russia, after 2030, will supposedly liftoff a new space telescope known as Spektr-M that will carry on the job that Sperktr-R carried out earlier. Prior to this, nevertheless, ground telescopes will carry out the functions of Spektr-R.

On the other end, clear pictures from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have offered scientists with new insight into strange past of asteroid Gault. The body is 4–9 km wide and has 2 tapered, comet-like tails of wreckage that inform us that the asteroid is gradually experiencing self-destruction. Both the tails are proof of an active happening that discharged matter into space.

Olivier Hainaut of the European Southern Observatory, Germany, explained, “This self-destruction event is uncommon.”

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