Apple’s Chief iPhone Processor Designer Resigns


Gerard Williams III, senior director in platform architecture at Apple, left the firm previous month after 9 Years, as per media reports. He may not be the most familiar name from the tech behemoth, but he had a very significant place for a firm that is making it a point to develop increasing amount of its personal hardware elements. Williams spearheaded the progress of all Apple chips from the A7, which first launched via the iPhone 5S, to the A12X that is within the firm’s newest iPad Pros.

As media claimed, A7 was the first 64-bit chip for mobile products. Its launch on the iPhone 5S obligated Qualcomm to launch its own 64-bit mobile chip—one that had huge problems and was not ready for usage. Apart from managing the chip design process, William was also in command of the layout on Apple’s SOCs (systems-on-a-chip) in late years. In different words, he was the one who made decisions for the placements of the SOCs’ elements, such as the GPU, CPU, and memory.

It is not clear why Williams resigned, and he is also yet to edit his LinkedIn profile. He possibly still had a hand in the progression of the next few products the firm Apple will launch.

On a related note, Apple has begun launching watchOS 5.2 to all consumers, but it is a bigger upgrade for users in Hong Kong and 19 European nations than everybody else. The watch’s irregular heartbeat detection and ECG app features will come packed with the update in Austria, HK, Denmark, Belgium, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Romania, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

The ECG app by Apple that first became accessible in December in the US requires the electrodes equipped into the latest watch to operate. It offers consumers the power to take an ECG same as that of a single-lead electrocardiogram only by triggering up the app and pressing the Digital Crown of the watch.

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