Google Will Need Temp Workers Get Parental Leave And $15 Minimum Wage


Google disclosed that it would offer its extended and non-employee staffs in the U.S. with a $15 minimum wage, complete health care coverage, and 12 Weeks of parental leave. The latest move by the firm follows complaints from employees and other workers at Google who have forced it to offer them more advantages.

Google depends on a huge staff of temporary, vendor, as well as contract employees. Majority of these workers are provided by 3rd parties. So, they aren’t offered similar advantages as the permanent Google staff members. This inequality led to calls for improved conditions for the staffs. Recently, The Guardian highlighted that over 900 employees have come together to sign a letter that supports temporary employees. Reportedly, the contracts for the work of these temporary workers on Google Assistant were shortened.

On a similar note, Rajan Anandan, who was leading Google’s operations in South-East Asia and India, came into the news as he is leaving the firm. Reportedly, he is joining Sequoia Capital India as he leaves Google. Anandan, who was working with Google for about 8 Years, is supposed to be the managing director at Sequoia Capital India, which is the venture capital company. When Anandan was working as a vice-president at Google for India and South-East Asia, he was heading the search giant’s whole India operations. Latest reports state that he will be working with Google until the end of April 2019.

Vikas Agnihotri, Country Director, Sales, Google India, is supposed to assume Anandan’s responsibility on a temporary basis until a replacement is hired. In Anandan’s new responsibility, he will assist expand Surge, Sequoia’s India-focused accelerator for initial-stage technology startups. The latest move by Anandan to join Sequoia India comes just about six months following the company announced the closure of its $695 Million sixth fund last August.

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