Tesla Might Outfit Model X And S With Extended-Range Motors


The Model X and Model S sales of Tesla dropped sharply at the beginning of this year, but the firm may have a method to lure hesitant purchasers: offer them the range they are requesting for. Media sources state that the firm is aiming to outfit its earlier cars with new motors on the basis of the same enduring magnet reluctance tech you see in the latest Model 3. While the exact specifications are not accessible, the greater competence of PMR (97% as compared to 93 for the present AC induction motors) might expectedly wring out some additional range without obvious negotiations to the design.

There is no pipeline for when the motors, dubbed as Raven, might reach shipping EVs. The sources claim that the powerplants might come “comparatively soon” with updates to enhance the rate of charging. If the speculation is precise, it might represent a sensible action for Tesla. Longer range is a clear selling point, and may assist Tesla ward off opposing EVs from the likes of Mercedes and Audi. Faster charging, in the meantime, may be virtually required if the firm is going to make the most of its 3rd-gen tech.

Speaking of Tesla, the firm is including additional free games to the dashboard screen on Model X, Model S, and Model 3 cars. 2048 and Super Breakout are joining other Asteroids, Atari classics Missile Command, Centipede, and Lunar Lander, which Tesla included in August. Till now, thousands of individuals have used those games, as per the auto manufacturer.

The update launched out last week, but the games may take some time to come on every dash screen of Tesla. If you are particularly enthusiastic to play Super Breakout from within the car, you can link your vehicle to WiFi to receive the upgrade shortly.

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