iPhone Speculations Now Have Two OLED Versions With 3 Cameras For 2019


This year’s heir to the iPhone XS might have a 6.1-inch display and 3 cameras on its back, a new media report states. The enhancements might bring the size of the device’s OLED display in proportion to 2019’s affordable iPhone XR, which has an LCD screen. The rumor also states that the handsets will carry on using a Lightning connector, although they will add an 18W fast charger and a cable (USB-C to Lightning) for the first time in the box.

Even though various leaked photos and speculations state that 2019’s iPhones will have first triple rear cameras by Apple, they have varied on which handsets in the series will comprise them. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and the media have both recommended that the new camera might be elite to the heir of the iPhone XS Max featuring once again an OLED screen. On the other hand, while media earlier recommended that some editions of the new iPhone XS might come with 3 cameras, it states this might be elite to higher storage capacity versions. Reports also vary on what this 3rd rear camera might be employed for.

On a related note, earlier a new media report stated that Apple possibly is not going to modify up its upcoming iPad, claiming that it will retain a headphone jack and Touch ID and will possibly keep the same enclosure. The report arrives from a supplier, which claims that the display size has not been decided, but that it can be increase almost to 10-inch in size. The supplier also claims that 2019’s model might be declared soon.

When it was launched in 2018, the basic iPad was not a radical modification from its precursor. It had Touch ID, sported a 9.7 inch screen size, an upgraded processor, cameras, and included the Apple Pencil support.

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