Uber Eats Enhances Order Tracking For Users To See Where The Food Is


Uber Eats is launching out new features and a new redesign to assist you track your meal from the moment you click the order button till it is in front of you or in your plate. Enhanced tracking will assist you monitor the complete process, comprising the restaurant making your order ready, your courier’s path to the pickup, and their path to your office or home.

The renovation also comprises an expected time of arrival besides the updates for real time stuff. It is about providing you extra transparency and some lovely animations while the hotel is preparing your order.

You will also have clearer data about hiccups and other delays. The firm will tell you what took place and why if your order is delayed or canceled, and you will be capable of contacting your courier even before they pick your order. Uber is also operating to enhance user support via chat and calls.

The upgrade will be live on Android, iOS, and the mobile web this week in various cities, in the US comprising San Francisco, Miami, and Washington DC. The new functions will ultimately reach all the people that Uber Eats serves.

On a related note, 10 Years after the firm was established, Uber is finally all set to go public. The firm disclosed its S-1 filing for an IPO and as such gave additional data to everybody about its concerns and finances going forward.

Going through the paper, a lot of those worries comprise the past, specifically in 2017 when a sequence of exposures about its treatment of passengers & drivers, corporate culture, and other misdeeds lead to the departure of CEO Brian Kalanick. As per Uber, it has some 91 Million active monthly users who have either received an Uber Eats delivery or taken a ride.

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