UK Provides Government Data Via Google Assistant And Alexa


You now have authorization to a treasure chest of government data using your smart speaker if you reside in the UK. The British Government has made more than 12,000 fragments of data available via Google Assistant and Alexa, saving you the hassle of wading all over official pages. Some of them are easy queries such as the upcoming bank holiday, while others are more comprised questions such as getting a passport.

Not all the things are available, so you cannot entirely rely on a voice assistant still. On the other hand, there are commitments of extension. You may soon have data on how to renew your car tax or get married, for example. If this operates well, it can serve as an example for other governments needing to surface data that might simply remain buried on the Internet.

On a related note, speculations began circulating earlier that Amazon was exploring an ad-supported, free tier of its streaming music offering. It turns out there was something to those rumors. Now, the commerce behemoth declared that Alexa device users in the US will be capable of listening to top stations and playlists on Amazon Music at no extra costs, even if they are not subscribers of Amazon Prime. Obviously, this news also comes on a similar day that the firm’s frenemies over at Google rolled out ad-based free YouTube Music service on smart devices of Google Home.

Users will be capable of asking Alexa to play songs by making stations based on an artist, song, genre, or era. The voice assistant will also be capable of queuing up well-liked worldwide playlists on Amazon Music, comprising selections such as Fuego Latino and Country Heat. The free service of Amazon music will have a restricted library of music, same as the 2 Million songs that Amazon Prime users get free access.

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