Amazon Adds In AI To Automatically Fire Workers With Low Productivity


Artificial intelligence is literally taking jobs in the present world. At the moment, Amazon has put to use a computer technology that will automatically pathway and fire around 100 employees for not fulfilling or failing to do meeting up to the productivity quotas. Thus, the idea of using AI by Amazon in the upcoming days to avoid any work-related loss is worth applause. However, not all the duties are completely taken by the computer system as things like the documents have to be signed by the Amazon attorneys before handing it over to the system. The automated process needs to be reviewed before taking any legal steps. It is still unclear whether Amazon is using the system or no.

The computer system of Amazon tracks the rates of each and every individual in connection with productivity prior to taking any decision. And followed by it warnings or terminations are automatically generated based on quality or productivity without relying on any output from supervisors. The increase in the accuracies in terms of work has forced Amazon to take such a drastic step. The online retail giant has already set its performance expectations for the corporate or fulfillment center employees and expects them to work on it.

The employees are given coaching and support for improvement without directly firing them. As a growing business, we believe to serve long-term career development and openings for our employees. The fulfillment centers have lately integrated a lot of automated process in the past years. The intricate system of warehouse robots has found to be snatching away jobs from people and at the same time providing a chance in certain cases. The warehouse workers are put under high pressure by the company. The use of digital trackers or signs could add an extra advantage to the technology. The automated tracking-and-firing system may sound first-rated by handing over the power to AI rather than the employees by tracking the invasive details of the workers. The automated systems are expected to encourage the treatment of the workers like slaves. Amazon finds its 1-day shipping to threaten its retail sector. But, its rivals such as Walmart and Target have physical stores that Amazon is currently trying to match.

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