Hypnosis Likely To Offer Pain Relief—Recent Study


Multiple studies have been conducted to understand hypnosis. Some researchers have even referred to this condition as analgesic. Sometimes hypnosis and analgesic are coined together and referred as hypnoanalgesia. One of the reviews of hypnosis investigated the effectiveness of the medication for reducing childbirth pain. This study was conducted in 2016. The conclusion of the study was, hypnosis during labor may reduce the overall use of analgesia but cannot be used during the epidural phase.

The researchers had also stated that more detailed studies are required. They suggested using random, large and well framed trials to understand hypnoanalgesia in a better way. Another research which was conducted in the year 2000 took General Pain into consideration. In this study, data from 18 other researches were included. Since this study, the interest in hypnoanalgesia has increased. Including the recent analysis in this regards, there have been 85 studies which have been carried on regarding hypnoanalgesia.

These studies used models of experimental pain. For example, exercise, lasers, shocks, pressure and cold. These experiments compared hypnosis benefits when used without any other treatment. Sometimes hypnosis is used against placebo. The study involved healthy adults. 3,632 people participated in the study.

The researchers used data from studies which had quantitative measuring process to pain. These studies have generally used a 10 point scale. Everybody does not succumb to hypnosis. For this reason, the research also considered each individual’s susceptibility for the study.

The ways in which researchers can determine the susceptibility to hypnosis are that if the participant informs that the arm is heavy then how much they can lower the hand. If the arm drops by 6 inches, the participant is more susceptible than the one whose arm drops by 1 inch. The study concluded that, hypnosis is useful analgesic. This has been informed by the lead author of the study, Trevor Thompson.

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