Researchers Find Connective Link Between Heart And Fat Cells


Recently, a team of researchers has revealed that just like a mobile network the human heart can send messages throughout the body. The researchers further stated that those signals also reach the adipose tissues which are present in the body.

While speaking to the media Walter J. Koch said that due to the G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 both the heart and fatty cells inside the body can talk to each other. Due to this finding, researchers are also trying to relate the implications between weight gain and heart failure. With the present findings, Dr. Koch and his co-workers have related a link between the heart ability to relay information regarding the proper metabolism of fatty cells inside of a body.

The team of scientists has done the tests on mice which have inhibited GRK2 receptor. The researchers gave high-fat diet to the mice and it gained more weight in comparison to those where the GRK2 receptor is working perfectly. Scientists also use metabolomics to find that the GRK2 signals have altered the BCAA as well as the metabolism of endocannabinoid inside of the heart. The team also found that mice which were given an overdose of GRK2 receptor have metabolite profile. The metabolic rates of such mice were different from normal and GRK2 inhibited mice.

During a press event, Dr. Koch said that the team of scientists was also able to distinguish one of the BCAA metabolites. According to them, this metabolite can easily enhance the differentiation of the fat cell. Scientists also revealed that in future they are planning to find out the metabolites which are responsible for the conversation between the heart and fat cells. Dr. Koch also said that due to the merit award of $1 million given by the American Heart Association, the team was able to conduct the experiment with great ease.

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