Google Gives $150,000 Free Ads To Anti-Abortion Group


Recently, Google has awarded $150,000 to an activist group which is against abortion. Though the activist group gives pregnancy abortion services at its clinic, it tries to convince women that they shouldn’t take the abortion facility.

The fund was provided to Obria group which has many clinics; these clinics receive funds from many Catholic organizations. The organization received about $120,000 in 2015 and $32,000 in 2011 from Google. Obria also has many clinics throughout most of the states of America. On their website, these clinics provide information about abortion but in real they oppose termination of pregnancy.

Many activists are saying that Google has started to provide aid to such organizations. During a press conference, Alice Huling said that Google shouldn’t misguide pregnant ladies through the help of CPC. She also said that Google is not willing to take any necessary steps regarding false information which is given by CPC.

Contrary to Huling’s statement one of the spokesperson of Google said that it had offered the grant so that the group can effectively focus on several good causes. The spokesperson also said that groups which oppose abortion and those who are in favor of abortion were funded.

The search engine giant had funded Obria under the supportive program of a non-profit organization. Due to this grant, the organization is awarded $10,000 as a monthly grant. Recently, Obria group came into news when it was questioned about $1.7 million grant through Title X funds. At its clinics, Obria teaches people how to do family planning through natural ways.

Back in 2018, Google got a high rate of criticism after it used maps provided by CPC so that women can find clinics which provide the facility of abortion. Moreover, Google was also in the news since it is helping clinics which advocate abortions and violating policies which were designed by it.

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