DoD Says Creating Space Force Is A Small Investment To Ensure US’s Leadership In Space


Disputing a CBO analysis of the costs of Trump’s proposed space organizations, Tom Corsson, who is Pentagon’s spokesperson, said they were based on different assumptions and that the DoD was not consulted, which had planned to avoid excess bureaucracy by utilizing existing capabilities of the Air Force.

As the CBO report on May 8, the SDA and Space Command would cost an additional $1.1- 1.9 billion annually and a one-time cost of $1.8-4.7 billion to the DoD.

Corsson stated that DoD’s investment was a small price to pay for American dominance in space and all complementary benefits that come with it.

The analysis by CBO was authorized by Congress to estimate Space Force costs and provide data whether to create the branch or not.

The analysis was based on previous trends and do not accurately show cost estimates completely. It is only for illustrative policy purposes.

Apart from a $2 billion budget projection for five years, it had not provided much information. $72 million for Space Force, $149 million for SDA and $83 million for Space Command and were requested in the budget proposal for 2020.

On analysis by the CBO, it found that 5700-9700 personnel would be necessary for all three organizations for management and operations.

The additional costs were calculated after factoring in infusion of personnel from other services. Even then, an additional 5700 members are required for management.

Details regarding transfers are yet to be worked out. Comparing DoD estimates with CBO’s estimates was pointless, according to an official.

Space Force HQ would have 2500 personnel as per the CBO. However, DoD estimates 15000 members, eventually.

Most additional expenses are purely from hiring new personnel even if a major chunk came from other military sections.

Cost of a headquarters would also hit $1 billion, if no existing headquarters compounds are repurposed for Space Force. Additional incentives and bonuses are also required, driving up costs. Construction costs must be factored in as well.

DoD said it would not have been possible for CBO to come up with an accurate decision about the proposal, because DoD itself is yet to provide a reasonable estimate for all three organizations.

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