Space X’s Falcon Heavy Set For 3rd Launch On Jun 22


Falcon Heavy of Space X is ready for its launch from the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on June 22. 24 payloads will be carried by it for the US as well as some government clients. The Falcon Heavy configuration is made by strapping together three small rockets of Falcon 9. It is so far the most powerful and the tallest rocket in use.

This is the initial use of the Falcon Heavy rocket by the US military. The boosters that have been used for launching Arabsat-6A in April will be reused here. As per the announcement made by the Air Force the mission will consist of  4 engine burns in their upper-stage, 3 deployment orbits , a passivation maneuver for propulsion and the whole mission duration will be of six hours. It is said that this launch will be the most challenging in the launch history of Space X.

The mission is termed as STP-2 and is supposed to carry a wide scale of science as well as technology demonstrations and experiments. The satellites will be used to provide information on environmental monitoring, weather forecasting, communication and several other areas. The Air Force has said that the launch will be evaluated by the military so that the future missions can be made by relying on the reusable boosters of Space X.

There were about 100,000 onlookers for watching the first launch of Falcon Heavy which was in the February of 2018. The second launch was witnessed by thousands of people who lined up the waterfronts and the streets. The remarkable aspect of the launch is not just to see the taking off of the huge rocket but the two boosters which will be returning to Cape Canaveral leading to sonic booms thereby creating a visual treat. The landing target for the third booster has being decided so far as a barge within Atlantic Ocean.

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