Call Back Of Colorado And GM Canyon Pickups Are Being Probed


United States safety regulators are probing into General Motors 2016 recall. The concern is whether, in 2016, the company went far enough when it called back its 3,000 small pickup trucks. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will regulate if General Motors should call back its 115,000 GMC Canyon pickups and Chevrolet Colorado which are manufactured in 2015. As per the agency, it has got 50 complaints about letdowns from the owners of trucks that were not been the part of 2016 recall. According to the complaints recorded, the failures occurred while the vehicles were being driven in multiple conditions.

According to the agency, no crashes or harms were reported. General Motors, which bring together the trucks in Wentzville, states that the company is working together and directing its own probe. General Motors added that the owners having concerns should reach out to the respective dealer. Recently, in documents posted on the website, the agency states that the problem is triggered by an electrical connection in wiring. The trucks recalled were built in between Jan. 6, 2015 and March 19, 2015, and the agency will have a look at whether additional trucks should be involved. As per NHTSA, one owner from Yucaipa, Calif., conveyed that GMC Canyon’s power steering got failed for almost five times while driving in freeways and in traffic and hence it makes it challenging to turn the wheels. He added that he was about to crash when the event happened, and eventually he ended up hitting the curb.

As per the owner, GMC dealer asked him for a huge amount of money to repair the issue and also conveyed the owner that his truck was not involved in the recall of vehicles. On March 19, the owner wrote that the power steering failed two times in just six months.

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