Processed Food Leads To Weight Gain But It’s About More Than Calories


Studies have found that one causes for weight gain can be eating ultra processed food. And ultra processed food in humans can lead to gain weight in human volunteers in as little as two weeks.

Research has reported that processed food increases risk of various fatal diseases such as obesity, cancer, autoimmune diseases and even death.

NOVA food classification system has proved that ultra processed food such as chips, crisp, soft drinks, packaged snacks etc causes various heart-related issues. Studies have found that there is a relationship between food consumption and obesity.

Researchers have found that in a research at NIH clinic centre, for 28 days when 10 males and females were fed unprocessed food for two weeks and after two weeks when the group were switched to have ultra processed food, it has been found that ultra processed food leads to increase in their calories intake and they are high in sugar, fat and salt and low in fiber.

Therefore when they matched the ultra processed and unprocessed diet, they found a great difference in body weight. And they also found that the meals in the ultra processed group had a higher energy density as compared to unprocessed food.

There are various factors that force consumers to choose ultra processed food over unprocessed food such as low cost, convenience, skill influence etc.

Ultra processed food contributes to more than half the calories consumed and are cheap and convenient option.

It is very difficult to reduce consumption of ultra processed food because these are very cheap, easily available and tasty at the same time.

And it has also been found that rural population of US that are poor and depend on highly processed food are putting on weight faster as compared to the cities.

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