A lot of medicines being called back due to presence of NDMA


Many medicines for heartburn have been called back by the Food and Drug Administration including the more generic versions of the medicine Zantac which were found containing traces of the substances that might be carcinogenic or linked to cancer.

W.H.O. has said that this substance is NDMA or N-Nitrosodimethylamine which can be a probable human carcinogen.

Food and Drug Administration has said that the company Denton Pharma Inc. has recalled multiple batches of the tablets of unexpired ranitidine with the presence of NDMA possible in them. Ranitidine is known as the generic version of the version of the medicine Zantac which is a popular drug for heartburn.

The batches which have been recalled have a certain lot of the ranitidine tablet in the strengths of 150 mg as well as 300 mg

Appco Pharma also has recalled a few batches of the medicine as there might be a presence potentially of NDMA. The lots which have bene recalled have on them the expiry date which is going to fall on April 2021 or May 2021.

Neither of the lots that have been recalled have had their relations thus far to any adverse effects or any injuries.

FDA on Wednesday had also made an announcement that Mylan which is also a drug company has gone one to recall three lots of a medicine known as nizatidine which is also an antacid and it was found that this medicine also was containing the traces of the NDMA medicine

The medicine is also in use for the treatment of the short-term ulcers in stomach and the heartburning which is due to the disease of gastroesophageal reflux as per FDA’s announcement on their website.

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