737 Max Software Glitch Updated, Says Boeing


Recently, Boeing said that it has managed to fix the glitches in the software of 737 Max planes which was crucial to get the aircrafts flying again. The glitches had led to 2 fatal crashes, due to which the aviation authorities had to stop flying of the jets all around the world to stop further casualties from happening.

Boeing wants to schedule a certification flight by working with the federal Aviation Administration. After the release of its statement, the airplane manufacturer’s shares were increased by 2.8% late in the session.

As per the report, around 400 Boeing 737 planes were not allowed to fly by the aviation authorities in the middle of the month of March. This took place soon after the 2nd deadly crash of the popular fast selling planes. The crash had taken place in less than 5 months of the 1st crash. The investigators of the 2nd crash underlined the cause to be the automated anti-stall system. The pilots had faced some problems in the automated anti-stall system, just before the crash. It was the same case in both the crashes.

The anti-stall system which is known as MCAS, is supposed to push the plane’s nose down again and again after sensing aircraft’s software going into stall. This is a normal position to avoid stall. But, if MCAS pushes the plane’s nose downward when not in stall, the results can be threatening as seen in the crashes. Crash Investigators had concluded that the accident was a result of the bad data from the sensors in both the cases of crash. Some pilots had claimed that they were unaware of MCAS system’s presence on board. After the upgrade of Boeing 737 to 737 Max pilots were trained on a computer/tablet with some courses being very short.

As of now, after the glitch fix, planes flew for 360 hours without any problem. Soon, a new training for the updated version will be given the pilots.

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