Google To Face Its First GDPR Investigation From Irish Privacy Watchdogs


Google is the topic of its first GDPR investigation from Ireland’s DPC (Data Protection Commissioner), media is reporting. It is the first primary standoff between the firm and its top privacy watchdog in Europe, lifting tricky questions about how the ad behemoth manages personal info all over the Internet.

The investigation will look into how Google treats personal info at every phase of its ad-tracking system. Those questions come partly from a grievance filed by Brave (the browser firm) in September, which blamed that ad auction system by Google comprised a data breach below GDPR laws.

“Each time an individual visits a site and is shown a behavioral advertise on a site, intimate personal info that defines every user, and what they are seeing online, is shows to thousands of firms,” Johnny Ryan, chief policy officer, claimed to the media in an interview. “A data breach takes place because this broadcast, dubbed as a ‘bid request’ in the online sector, fails to defend this intimate info in opposition to unauthorized access.”

A representative at Google defended the auction system and promised to cooperate with the investigation. “We will engage completely with the DPC’s probe and greet the chance for extra clarification of data protection laws by Europe for real-time bidding,” the representative claimed.

On a related note, a security blunder may be concealing in that verification mail you received post booking a hotel room. A research conducted by Symantec over 1,500 hotels discovered that 67% of them were leaking guests’ personal data without knowing. The hotels in the research were distributed all over 54 nations, comprising Canada, the U.S., and even some in the E.U., in spite of strict GDPR rules. They operated the gamut in quality as well, from 5-star beach resorts to 2-star motels.

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