Lockheed Martin Offers New AI Powered Image Analysis Services


Lockheed Martin is promoting a product of artificial intelligence which helps the analysts to identify objects in the satellite imagery. In a demonstration, the artificial intelligence searched entire Pennsylvania and within two hours it located every site in Pennsylvania. The company demonstrated the system to the public for first time at a symposium – GEOINT 2019 which is largely attended by analysts of intelligence from the National Reconnaissance Office and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

The global system of target recognition can be used for finding any kind of objects in satellite imagery which would save a lot of time and labor of the analysts, said Mark Pritt, who is a senior fellow at Lockheed Martin.

Analysis of the satellite imagery is growing and has become a crowded industry where the contractors of defense compete with the commercial players.

Lockheed Martin has decided to manage this system that was originally developed for competing last year in the challenge of the IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity). The team of Lockheed Martin was the only company of US which was there in top five from 69 participants. IARPA had participants come up with automated techniques for accurately categorizing the points of interest using the satellite imagery. Pritt said that there are several companies that provide the recognition systems of satellite imagery which would quickly classify and identify objects in areas all over the world, however only few offer global coverage.

He said that using their tool, users could draw a box on any place in world and click the button. He added that the system will start searching for objects of interest like airplanes, wells, or camps for refugees. Objects of interest would show up in the form of icons on map and users can click the icon for getting a closer look. Pritt said that today there is lot of labor that is done manually for identifying what people are seeing in images, and they are time taking process for classifying and labeling.

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