KSAT, Iceye Come Together For Accelerating SAR Delivery


Kongsberg Satellite Services or KSAT has announced that it is joining forces with Iceye which operates radar satellites to enhance delivery of SAR images which will allow government agencies to obtain data processed from satellite images within 15 minutes. Iceye CEO Rafal Modrzewskitated that for most SAR users the timeliness of getting images is crucial and it could range from very useful to useless within a few minutes. Radar images are used when reliability of data is essential for monitoring applications and 15 minute delivery timelines have been SAR industry’s holy-grail.

In next few years the number of radar satellites is likely to increase drastically within next couple of years as small and large firms work out new applications for the images that they capture of earth’s night and day through clouds. In fact Iceye itself is planning to launch around 5 SAR satellites by end of this year while remaining focused on improving ground segment and customer satisfaction. Customers that depend on maritime safety will have faith that the vehicles offshore being tracked by them would not have moved far since last images were taken making it easy to carry out emergency response during distress calls.

KSAT is the first partner of Iceye to install latest SAR processor for direct downlink from the satellite. Speaking at the GEOINT Symposium 2019 industry and government officials stated that it takes hours and sometimes days to process and distribute images captured from satellites which make it difficult to manage situation on the ground and speedy access to different types of data and images is required to track changes on the ground. The partnership of KSAT and Iceye will help improve timelines in rapid imaging and processing through new solutions. The combined technical knowledge of both Iceye’s SAR Ground Segment and KSAT is capable of changing customers’ ideology about how they can use satellite data in timely manner.

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