Space Force Soon To See The Day Light


Adam Smith, the current HASC Chairman, is confident that Space Force would be authorized soon.

The committee markup will include an agreed upon amendment, he said. The Committee’s 2020 NDA Act saw Smith not weighing in on Space Force’s creation proposal. He worked with Jim and Mike Rogers to introduce amendments that would create a new organization in DoD, which would be called Space Corps instead of Space Force. Smith said that Rogers and Cooper would back his current proposal.

Smith’s mark had no information about Space Force, leaving officials surprised. It is thought to come in handy during future Senate-House conferences, allowing HASC a better bargaining position. May 22 is when the committee will take a decision on Space Force Authorization.

Smith stated that the lack of extra time was the reason behind the lack of Space Force details in his official mark. HASC’s proposal creates a smaller Space Force than intended. The Pentagon stated that two 4-star generals & one secretary ought to head the branch under the US Air Force. HASC proposes only a single 4-star general.

The committee rejected Pentagon’s appeal for officer transfers into Space Force from other branches. The proposal costs less with less bureaucracy, Smith stated that he would try to get the committee members to work together, debate space policy & focus on reorganization requirements, instead of giving in to partisan feelings.

Smith considers the US Air Force to be incapable of handling space issues with full effect as it already has a lot to tackle. The US Air Force has already created an SFPTF to guide space services establishment. Its head is General Clint Crosier who reports to Mr. John Stopher of the US Air Force. He oversees the space portfolio, personnel initiatives, and procurement reforms.

After Wilson departed, it was speculated that that Stopher too would depart. However, he’s staying on till a proper permanent secretary candidate is named. Barbara Barrett is intended to be Wilson’s replacement till he’s confirmed by Senate members; Matt Donovan will lead the force till then. Trump wants US Air Force leaders to be space focused so that they can help when Space Force is set up.

The SASC proposal recommends renaming Stopher’s position and including the responsibility of space acquisition program overseer and head of SAC. SAC would enhance space program speeds.

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