No Takers For Paid Credible News—Latest Report


There are two leading news on journalism which have made to the headlines. First is, nowadays people have become aware of misinformation and thus are seeking to reliable sources for correct information. Second is, they aren’t interested to pay for good journalism. These are the results of a big research of Reuters Institute of Oxford University after an online survey of about 75,000 people worldwide.

In all those countries, 55% people said they were worried about misinformation. This has been despite government and social media’s efforts to stop the widespread of misinformation. In UK, about 70% people were tensed about what is real and what is not. The graph has gone up by 12% than a year before. The report said that 40% in US have tried to seek true information from reliable sources. Now, what is reliable source of information is for respondents to decide.

One respondent from UK stated clearly during an interview. He said that the conventional and old sources of information are reliable, like BBC, Independent and Guardian provide original news. However, faith in news has been reducing all over. The decline of faith in France occurred after there were two different types of coverage regarding gilets jaunes protests. In UK, faith in news has declined from 51% during 2015 to 40% in 2019. BBC is still at the top of the list of best trusted news and is followed by ITV News, Financial Times and Channel 4 News.

However, the report has said that certain polarizing issues like climate change and Brexit have posed queries regarding if the Corporation has been enhancing or suppressing agendas. Nic Newman, an author of the report said that maximum fall in faith came just after EU referendum. People have started believing that media which are supposed to be unbiased have not been expressing their own views.

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