Bezos Says Not Possible To Reach Mars Without First Going To Moon


Although important personalities like Elon Musk and Donald Trump are excited about humanity reaching Mars and conquering the Red Planet, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos has stated that focusing on colonizing the planet without having a prior and established presence on Earth’s Moon is a mistake. Trump had recently stated his view that NASA ought to focus on Mars, instead of planning missions about establishing colonies on Moon.

Elon Musk, who heads SpaceX and Tesla, has stated that his company would send humans to Mars before 2024, which is around 2 years after it finishes landing an unmanned rocket upon Mars. Bezos holds that conquering Earth’s moon is the quickest route towards reaching Mars.

He stated at JFK SS held in Boston last Wednesday that many more bulk materials, supplies and file are required for the Mars trip, which could be easily lifted and launched from Earth’s moon, compared to Earth itself. While skipping steps was attractive, it could also land one in hot soup, he said.

Some claim that Bezos was taking a potshot at rival Elon Musk, who aims to conquer Mars in another few years. SpaceX is also planning tourist operations for the moon before 2023. Musk stated that he intends to reach it quickly and build a viable human base.

Bezos claimed this May that his company Blue Origin was hoping to ensure a viable human establishment on Earth’s moon. He also added that Blue Origin would cooperate with tech companies and government agencies to ensure this happen before focusing on his Mars’ missions.

Musk and Bezos have often taken potshots at one another. During the Blue Moon unveiling, Bezos dismissed Musk’s goals stating that the moon was a more viable goal compared to Mars. Elon Musk responded by making fun of Bezos’ lander. He noted that increasing space-related companies in the industry was good in general.

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