Americans Are Unable To Quit Processed Meat, Despite Being Too Risky


Reportedly, the posed risks by processed meats are warned by public health experts of America. According to a new study printed recently in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Processed meats comprise poultry or red meat altered through curing, salting, smoking, fermentation or with the addition of chemical preservatives, as per the study. Data from 43,995 teens ageing among 20 and above was analyzed in the study, and the adults contributed in the NHANES, National Examination Survey among the years 1999 to 2016. It was found by the survey that, the top processed meats eaten were sausage, bacon, ham, luncheon meat and hot dog.

As per the sources, the scales on their consumption of fish have also been tipped by Americans, screening no substantial variation from past 2 decades approximately. However, a decline in people’s consumption of unprocessed red meat and an uptick in consumption of poultry was observed by the researchers. It was discovered by them that; consumption of unprocessed red meat was actually surpassed by the consumption of poultry. Meanwhile, it was suggested by Fang Fang Zhang, who is co-author of the study that, lack of consciousness about the health risks associated to processed meats might help clarify why people of America remain to consume them.

She added that, cultural, economic and social forces might also guide choices of food. Zhang said in a statement that, additional action to increase the public awareness of the health risks linked with consumption of high processed meats in the United States is supported by their findings. It was found by the study of 2010 Harvard University that, consumption of processed meat is associated to augmented risk of diabetes and heart disease, though it was noted by the research that, there was no such increased risk found for the intake of unprocessed red meats.



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