Plan For Toronto Waterfront Facelift Released By Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs


After 18 long months of relentless efforts, Alphabet-owned Sidewalk Labs have released an enormous 1500-page proposal destined to transform the Toronto waterfront of Canada to make it “smart” district. Amid pushback by privacy groups and concerned citizens, the company had to limit its reign in many ways. Dan Doctoroff, CEO of Sidewalk Labs, stated that the citizens had different ideas related to waterfront and it was necessary to satisfy conditions set by each group of people. He further states that it took them 18 months to present this plan since they had to change their entire plan and rethink about each and every decision and that they felt as if they were solving a giant 50-sided Rubik’s cube.

Doctoroff, who has been a mayor in New York City, also mentioned that they have met and heard around 21000 people at Toronto in the last 18 months. Some of the key features of the plan include smart signals which adapt accordingly depending upon the pace of pedestrians and self-driven vehicles in order to regulate traffic. “Logistic hub”, the freight, shall feature combined shipping center along with underground delivery. The policy promises minimum 1,700 affordable housing sections. The company expects investment of around $900 million in equity with the local investors for “The Ideal District”.

The company is going to spend $3.9 billion of which $80 million shall be invested in developing a lumber mill which will be powered by the locals. Sidewalk Labs aim to get 10% profits in the deal with the local government. The draft shall now become public and after further consultations the governments shall ultimately decide upon the action of the given plan. The decision by government might come late in this year or by early 2020. The company has faced extreme criticism and hopes the plan gets administered without any further complications.

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