Government Attackers Supposedly Broke Into Russian Firm Yandex


As per media report, attackers operating for Western intelligence organizations supposedly broke into Yandex, the firm often known as “Russia’s Google.” The attackers were supposedly seeking for technical data that might show how Yandex authenticates consumer accounts. That data can assist a spy organization imitate Yandex consumers and get access to their personal messages.

In the winter of 2018, the attackers used a kind of malware dubbed as Reign, which is connected to “Five Eyes,” an intelligence-sharing union consisting Britain, the US, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. It is not clear which of those nations may be behind the hack, although. A spokesperson of Yandex claimed to the media that the attack was identified early and that no consumer info was negotiated, but media sources state that the attackers had access to research and development unit of Yandex for a number of weeks.

As media claims, Western cyberattacks in opposition to Russia are hardly ever acknowledged, but previously this month we learned that the US deployed malware in power grid of Russia. Previous spring, a few months prior to the supposed Yandex attack, the US increased its cyber warfare department and pledged to take a more hostile approach to online risks. Even the private firm Jigsaw tested appointing a Russian troll just to check if it can.

On a related note, Yandex earlier claimed that it has taken its efforts for self-driving one step forward, rolling out an autonomous ride-hailing platform in Innopolis, Russia (the university city). The firm states it is the first such offering to roll out in Europe. For now, there will be 2 self-driving cars in operation and they will offer rides to particular spots, such as the stadium, the university, and residential blocks, without any cost. A security engineer will ride in the passenger seat and almost 100 users have decided to trial the offering.

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