China Cracks Down On Audio As Well As Podcasts Apps


China has started another round of its online content cleansing by eliminating a number of audio and podcast apps. The decision to eliminate the audio-associated content is supported by China’s policy to remove and regulate any online text and video data that is believed “injurious” to society.

Almost 26 audio and podcast apps have been closed or eliminated by the appropriate authorities, the China’s Cyberspace Administration declared last week on its WeChat account.

Impacted apps comprise popular audio apps Ximalaya FM and Lizhi FM, apart from NetEase Music, the popular music app. Searches on App Store by Apple and Chinese Android app markets displayed that these applications are unavailable no longer.

These impacted audio and podcast apps have dispersed “pornographic and obscene information” and “historical nihilism” on their services, the watchdog claimed to the media, and has severely injured the web ecology and badly hampered on the healthy development of teen people.

In spite of the crackdown on audio and podcasts apps, China’s Cyberspace Administration still motivates netizens and mainstream media to make audio that is “good content that users are in favor of” to make a system audio segment with positive vibe, it claimed.

Since 2018, the cyber watchdog of China has banned thousands of mobile applications for stealing private information and distributing pornographic material to “defend the youth”.

On a related note, China is resolute to battle the US ban on Huawei via any methods possible, and that may comprise scaring the firms needed to honor that prohibition. Media sources claimed that Chinese executives have alerted that they can face vengeance if they cooperate with trade restrictions by Trump management.

They can face “enduring consequences” if they follow the ban, the media claimed, and “penalty” if they pull production beyond the normal security-associated diversification. It also motivated lobbying to induce politicians of America to alter their minds.

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