5000 Model Rocket Launch By Space Camp To Mark Apollo 11 Moon Mission


To commemorate the silver jubilee of the launch of Apollo 11, the lunar module by NASA, the United States Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville at Alabama sent up almost 5,000 models of rocket. The models were launched in sync with the exact nick of time, when Apollo 11 lifted off half a century ago, at 8.32 am local time, 9.32 am EDT, 1332 hours GMT on July 16, 1969.

Though this is considered by many as a record-breaking achievement, the Guinness Book of World Records will take between 12 and 16 weeks to verify the results and certify it. This was stated by the representatives of the publishing house. Around 2500 people, who had gathered to witness the show, were ecstatic after watching the spectacle of the fireworks.

One of the participants, Lucas Quinteros from South Orange, New Jersey, was just in time to be a part of the event at the Space Camp. He sent an email to Space.com stating that he was delighted to see all those 50,000 rockets going up all at a time, exactly at the stroke of the same moment when Apollo 11, carrying astronauts Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong was launched.

The celebration was attended by hundreds of students from the Space Camp, all of whom were on yellow Tee-shirts. The celebration was attended by Al Worden, the astronaut of Apollo 15, Jody Singer, the director of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and Margin von Braun, who is the daughter of Wernher von Braun, who was the chief designer of the lunar rocket, Saturn V.

This is only one of several other celebrations held in the US and all over the world to mark the 50th Anniversary of the mission, which landed on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969. As Aldrin and Armstrong landed on the moon, Collins orbited the command module of Apollo 11. All three came back to Earth on July 24.

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