2020 Olympics Robots By Toyota To Include A Javelin-Carrying Cart


Robots are going to have a major role at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Toyota has made its mind to be at the vanguard position and too in strange ways. The automotive behemoth has disclosed its robot series for the summer games, and one of the largest attention-seekers is the Field Support Robot. The autonomous hardware seems like a very small edition of the e-Palette, and will carry shot puts, javelins, and other products from throwing games. It will not actually fetch the products, but it will assist lower the number of employees on the field.

Most of the other robots were already recognized, such as the Delivery Support Robot, the Human Support Robot, and the T-HR3 humanoid robot.

On the other hand, there will be one more Olympics-based robot. The Mascot Robot in Someity and Miraitowa versions will greet users to places via remote-controlled limbs and object detection. Toyota is also mulling over a method to improve the games for Japanese children via the mascot hardware.

The bots acts as marketing means for Japan’s tech segment as a whole as well as Toyota. Similar to other Japanese employee robots, they are also an acknowledgment of the nation’s labor deficiencies. With a dropping population and an unwillingness to invite foreign employees, the nation cannot always count on having sufficient people to fill the gaps.

On a related note, the first dedicated car by Toyota for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo is not a flying vehicle, but it shows potential. The auto manufacturer earlier discovered the Accessible People Mover (APM), an all-electric car it developed particularly for next summer’s event. The three-row, open-air car can reach almost 12 Mph of speeds and carry almost 5 passengers. Every car is fueled by Li-ion batteries and on a single charge can run 100 Kilometers.

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