FTC Sued By EPIC For False Evaluation Of Fine On Facebook


Criticism for Federal Trade Commission’s historic USD 5 billion fine on Facebook for a privacy breach has reached an all new level now as privacy group EPIC, Electronic Privacy Information Center, has launched a lawsuit against FTC in order to block the automatic approval of the settlement. Entire media has openly criticized FTC with Business Insider even calling the settlement ‘a joke’. The settlement sees FTC imposing a USD 5 billion fine on Facebook along with a few tweaks in the privacy checks.

Facebook have earned thrice as much as the FTC fine in revenue in just three months, which tells everyone why the fine, despite being the biggest ever on a tech company looks inappropriate. EPIC has stepped up to fight against the settlement demanding FTC to explain the settlement’s evaluation and if possible, force FTC to alter the terms and address the complaints in a better manner. EPIC is also sternly criticizing Facebook for not standing responsible for its actions and trying to escape any severe punishment somehow. FTC has imposed a few new terms with regards to how Facebook will operate or set user privacy policy, but has by and large left Facebook’s data collection and sharing scheme unattended. EPIC also argues whether it is right from FTC to clear Facebook of all the charges against it and whether the fine is good enough to address all those breaches. As per the report in New York Times, over 8,000 consumer complaints were registered against Facebook in 2018 alone and the number is expected to continue moving further up.

Talking of Facebook’s data breach history, it was also reported lately that Facebook’s messenger app for kids had a bug that allowed its users to have group chat with adult users, thereby violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

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