UK Foreign Sec Calls On Iran To Release Its Tanker Stena Impero


After the capture of British tanker Stena Impero by Iran, UK’s foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, insisted Iran to release the tanker, which he considered is illegally seized in Gulf.

Hunt stated that this act of Iran raised very critical questions regarding British security and global shipping in Strait of Hormuz.

The video footage of Impero’s capture was released by Iran on Friday with Tehran alleging that the vessel was captured because it violated IM (International Maritime) rules.

Mr. Hunt, after placing a call with Irans’ foreign secretary, stated that Iran is avenging the detention of its vessel in Gibraltar. The owners of the Impero stated that they needed access to all 23 crew members at the Bandar Abbas port and confirmed that they are in sound health.

The British vessel was captured by the Revolutionary Guards of Iran on July 19, in an important conveyance route in Gulf. On Saturday, footage was released by Iran’s RGAR (Revolutionary Guard-affiliated Fars) news agency, showing the instant Stena Impero was raided.

Although HMS Montrose was alarmed and it rushed to intervene the capture but it failed as the tanker had already entered into the Iranian waters.

State news agency of Iran, IRNA stated that Impero was seized as it was unsuccessful to retort call from the fishing boat with which it collided.

On the other hand, Jeremy hunt said that the capture clearly infringed the international law as the vessel was trapped in the waters of Oman and forced into Iranian water. This was further backed by the Swedish owners of the Impero who said that it was obeying the rules at that time, by staying in the international waters.

The crew members who are Filipino, Indian, Latvian and Russian were unharmed.

The most recent developments originated amid worsening in affairs between the UK and United States and Iran.

Mr. Hunt affirmed that the govt. would be taking further measures to curb the scenario and the warning had been raised to its highest.

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