Brain Damage Due To Alcohol Poorly Understood, Says A Charity In UK


As per a recent study conducted in UK researchers have stated that brain damage in relation to alcohol consumption isn’t understood by practitioners in an effective manner. The study further concludes that dual-stigma patients, who are dealing with brain impairment as well as alcohol addiction, have to face grave situations since there aren’t proper community services.

Patients who are suffering from such stigmas find it difficult to understand new things. Furthermore, they also lose their memory in long term. Brain cells get damaged due to consumption of alcohol as they can’t absorb vitamins in a proper manner.

Scientists have stated that a man who consumes 50 or more alcoholic units in a week for about 5 years gets prone to this disease. A woman can become prone to the disease if she consumes 35 or more alcoholic drinks.

While discussing the facts with reporters Andrew Misell stated that the present condition developed due to heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages. He also stated that due to this process a person becomes aggressive, inappropriate, confusing to themselves and to others.

Back in 2018 doctors of alcoholic team provided treatment to more than 70 patients who were dealing with brain disease related to alcohol consumption. Doctors have also diagnosed patients for dementia as they also get prone to it.

Jenna Simmons stated that patients who are dealing with this brain disease tend to forget important things which can even be life threatening. While speaking to the reporters Mark Jones stated that he used to have wine in little quantities but then he became addicted to it.

When Mark was admitted to the hospital he was seriously suffering from short term memory loss and had to use a frame for walking as he couldn’t maintain proper balance. Rehab centers don’t enroll patients who are suffering from brain injuries due to heavy consumption of alcohol. Misell stated that people who are a victim of this disease can fully recover after proper therapy.

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