32 Million Patient Records Hacked In The H1 Of This Year

Over 32 Million patient records were hacked from January 2019 to June 2019. That is over 2 times the 15 Million medical records hacked in all of last year, claims Protenus (healthcare analytics firm). As per the firm, the number of revealed incidents increased to 285 in the H1 of 2019, and the venerable trend of minimum one health data hack daily display no hints of slowing down.

The 2019 Mid-Year Breach Barometer Report by Protenus discovered that 60% of all hacks were owing to breaching, comprising the single biggest breach. In that situation, attackers aimed at a medical collections organization and got the data of almost 20 Million patients, comprising those who had used Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp. Their info was found on the dark web for sale.

Patient records are not the only sensitive data floating all over the web. This week, the City of Los Angeles alerted that a hack might have leaked info on 20,000 applicants and police officers. The Government of Bulgaria is coping with a primary data breach that might have affected 5 Million people—in a nation of 7 Million. And TrickBot malware might have breached 250 Million email accounts—comprising millions belonging to governments in the UK, the US, and Canada. Those are only a few of the latest cases.

While data violations might feel all too ordinary, the pace at which they are elevating, particularly in the medical realm, is cause for worry. Just a few years back, we were shocked when scientists claimed that 29 Million patient records were hacked over 4 Years. Now, we achieve that in 6 Months.

Just as Equifax declared a negotiation for its huge data breach, Capital One earlier too disclosed that somebody breached into its systems previously this year.

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