A Triple Camera Array Feature May Come With Apple’s Upcoming iPad Pro


There is a wide expectation among its users that Apple will soon be releasing an iPhone which is equipped with an advanced feature of triple camera array at the back of the iPhone. People also speculate through rumors that the iPad that comes from the company will have a feature of multiple camera systems at the rear of the camera. According to a Mac Otakara report, the upcoming iPad Pro will come with the triple camera array feature, however the 10.2 inch regular iPad will come a regular feature which is a dual camera system

Earlier this year, iPad Mini as well as iPad Air was updated by Apple and it is now anticipated that a few features will be updated and will include the new camera features. An identical system is also rumored to be present in the iPhone 11 which is coming up. The iPad (6th generation) may have the dual camera system that is present in the LCD model of the iPhone 11. They models are expected to be launched in the month of October

This is an unprecedented move as tech giant, Apple which had earlier introduced the dual camera system in the recent models of iPhones, had not as of now had similar technology for iPad. The iPad pro which was launched recently only has single camera feature with a 12- megapixel sensor. In comparison to the iPad pro the other products like iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad in their latest models carry an 8 megapixel sensor. It is being said that this camera system is part of the augmented reality ambitions of Apple.

Bloomberg reported earlier this year reported that triple camera feature in the iPhones will be used for the AR apps;

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