Google not far away from the $1tn mark


Another behemoth in the tech industry is looking to join the giants of Silicon Valley which are valued at over $1tn. Alphabet which is the parent company of Google has yes reached the value on the midday of Monday of $991 billion with the analysts making their predictions of the $1tn mark being crossed soon.

Alphabet is going to be a part of the small group of tech companies which have passed the mark of $1tn when it comes to value. Apple had been the first of the tech companies which passed this benchmark in the month of August in the year 2019 and has since then gone on to reach the value of $1.37tn.

The company which manufactures the iPhone had then been followed by another giant, Microsoft which had surpassed this mark in the year 2019 in the month of April followed by Amazon which had managed to join this club in the month of September in the same year. Microsoft’s value has risen continuously however the worth of Amazon has gone back to being $940 billion.

Five of the most valuable companies in the United States are presently all the tech companies as Facebook rounds this pack off with the current worth being $631 billion.

Alphabet is going to report their latest results of earnings on the 3rd of February and it is expected to report one more record level of earnings for the revenue of advertisement which may push the shares of the company past the mark of $1tn.

This rise being seemingly unstoppable of the tech companies even though the politicians and regulators all over the world are worried about their influence locally.

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