Spaceflight Gets Its 1st Commercial SSLV From New Space, India


Spaceflight is one of the best satellite rideshare and provider for space mission management. Recently, they have declared their purchase of the first ever commercial launch in Small Satellite Launch Vehicle or SSLV. Spaceflight have done the deal with NewSpace India Limited. The satellite has been dated for launch from Sriharikota’s Satish Dhawan Space Center in India sometime this year.

Spaceflight has much earlier sold out the whole set for the extremely safety concerned SSLV-D2 launch along with spacecraft from some unrevealed customer based in U.S who deals in satellite constellation. Spaceflight would be in-charge of the entire mission, handing over every single point of contract to the customer, managing each side of the unit and taking care of the entire mission management involved in the launch.

Indian Space and Research Organization have built the SSLV with a huge payload capacity of 500 kg for mid-inclination Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and also 300 kg for Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO), together it would make it perfect for the launch of small satellites. In comparison, the bigger Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) from ISRO is very well suitable for 1100–1600 kg of capacity payload inside SSO.

President and CEO of Spaceflight, Curt Blake said that this SSLV is the ultimate solution which everyone was in need of to perfectly fill in the blank in the catalogue of small launch vehicles. SSLV has been especially developed to make launch-on-demand smoother with fast turnaround qualities amidst launches. SSLV has been made in a way to enable launching several microsatellites at once. Besides, it would also support many orbital drop-offs. Spaceflight was thrilled to include SSLV in their launch portfolio and handle several launches together. After this mission is finished, Spaceflight would have successfully done 9 missions with ISRO. They have together sent nearly 100 spacecrafts to orbit in their launch vehicles.

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