10 More Towns On Risk After Second Case Of EEE Has Been Detected


The public health department of Massachusetts has confirmed that a second case in humans of EEE which is the Eastern Equine Encephalitis has been detected on Friday in the state. The risk level has also been raised to ‘critical’ by officials in an additional 10 towns in the eastern and central Massachusetts.

The department has said that this case has now been found in a man whose age group is between 19 and 30 and is in Grafton. Therefore there is an addition in the critical risk of EEE has now been extended to Hopkinton, Shrewsbury, Southboro, Upton, Northbridge, and Westboro.

The man’s wife has said that the man is in his late 20s and has been living near a farm. The couple who had requested to not be identified had told the reporters that the diagnosis happened after he had a seizure

In Bristol county, a goat had also tested positive for the disease which has led to putting Norton, Raynham and Easton on critical risk level too. Total of 19 communities in the state are now at critical risk while 18 are now at high risk levels.

The department has said that it has continuously been working with local bodies for health and also mosquito experts to prepare for an appropriate response activity for public health.

This happens after a week ago, the health department had confirmed the first case of EEE in humans. after 2013.The man who was infected was over 60 and had been living in Southern Plymouth.

EEE has thus far been found In the samples of 288 mosquitoes. The health division of Worcester has said that historically had mosquitoes testing positive for the disease but not individuals and hence this situation is unusual for them.

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