20,000 AT&T Workers On Strike In The Southwest—Latest Report


As of midnight on Friday, the officials of AT& T have said that over 20,000 union workers in Southeast are on strike.

This happened after the Communication Workers of America members which included 4000 members in Georgia had charged the telecommunication giant with the charge of unfair labor practices while negotiating the securing of a new contract after the previous contract had expired on the August 3.

The union’s Southeast vice president, Richard Honeycutt had said earlier that the talks have now stalled after the company had made sure that a new agreement cannot happen. According to him, the talks have not been going anywhere because AT&T has failed to send those negotiators who do not have the power to make any decision and therefore it became impossible to move forward and execute a new contract.

The Dallas based company boasts of an annual revenue of close to $170 billion for a year. Company officials have said that the strike call left them mystified and blindsided.

They said that they were baffled about why the union’s leadership would call a strike when the workers were being offered terms which were beneficial to their employees, some of whom had an average income between the range of $121,000 and $134,000. The company was of the opinion that the new terms would only increase the compensation received by the workers.

The company has also said that it is completely ready for any kind of a strike and the strike will in no way affect operations as they will keep working hard and try to satisfy their customers.

The leaders of the union have scoffed at this statement and have argued that the company will now have to give priority to work over new installations.

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