2000 People Die Due To An Ebola Outbreak In Democratic Republic Of Congo


According to reports, the number of deaths due to Ebola outbreak has now passed the number of 2000 among those 3000 people who had been detected with the disease. This shows that it is high time that agencies now act and step up the efforts in order to deal with the outbreak of this fatal disease.

The disease has been continuously spreading in the Democratic Republic of Congo despite the various efforts that have been undertaken by agencies to control the outbreak.

Despite developing vaccines and different forms of treatments, officials have been fighting with disease and struggled to find ways of containing it.

In recent breakthroughs, there have been successful ways of treatment devised to not only prevent but also cure the disease and the same has been doing the rounds of the media reports which have shown that the disease is no longer an incurable one and that the advancements in science and technology are trying to tame the effects of the outbreak and try and boost the survival rates.

However these medical advancements have meant little because mostly the infection has gone undetected and even if it is the individuals who are infected are often very scared to take the treatment.

The northern region of the country has been a victim of multiple attacks on treatment centers by groups which are armed targeting those who are working for the treatment of the virus. The socio-political crises are reversing the advancements which are made in the treatment and the prevention of the disease.

This outbreak of the disease has been affecting more children than any outbreaks in the past and the disease affects the children in different ways from the way it does to an adult.

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