Including Healthy Foods In Your Diet Beneficial For Heart Health


Latest research suggests that consuming healthful foods is more important than the type of diet followed by an individual. A research team from BIDMC, Massachusetts compared three diets and studied how it affects heart related ailments. Following the DASH pattern, all the 3 diets focused on one primary macronutrient among carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, or proteins.

For carbohydrates-rich diet, 58% of the energy came from the carbohydrates. The protein diet had 10% of the energy from carbs replaced by protein, while the diet consisting of unsaturated fat, 10% of the energy from carbohydrates was replaced by unsaturated fat. Dr. Juraschek from the Medical School at Harvard, and his team, studied the effects of these3 diets on heart related ailments. These risk factors included blood pressure(systolic), C-reactive protein, LDL cholesterol and high-sensitivity troponin. C-reactive protein is an indicator of inflammation, and high-sensitivity troponin is cardiac injurymarker.

The study consisted of 150 participants and was conducted over six weeks. With average 54 years of age, women participants constituted 45% of the group, and African-American participants consisted 55% of the group. The cardiovascular risks were analyzed before and after the diets and were compared to the effects of each type of diet. The three diets, based on the DASH model, consisted of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, fish, beans, and poultry.

These 3 diets led to a prompt decrease in cardiac injury and inflammation markers. The researchers noted that changing the micronutrient composition did not affect the test results suggesting that healthiness of food was independent of its constitution. The critical aspect was the overall healthfulness diet.

Dr. Juraschek concluded that an average American consumed less than two servings of fruits and vegetables in a day. This is very different from the tested diets, which included daily serving of minimum 4 to 6 vegetables and fruits.

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