Warning Letter Sent To JUUL For Illicit Marketing Claims


Juul Labs Inc. has been issued a warning letter by the FDA about the illegal claims made by the company that their electronic cigarettes were safe compared to tobacco cigarettes. They had also given a presentation on this to the students. The company’s spokesman has said that the warning is being reviewed by them.

Several statements were referred to in the warning letter by FDA which also included the testimonials discussed in the Congressional hearing of July 2019. As per the testimony one of the Juul’s representatives who spoke during the school presentation said that Juul was safer than cigarettes and that they would get approval from FDA some day and also claimed that their device was safe. As per FDA the representative also asked one of the students to suggest Juul to a nicotine-addicted friend of his as it was a safer alternative when compared to smoking cigarettes. The testimony also said that the representative claimed that Juul would be declared 99% safe by the FDA soon.

FDA’s warning letter had also cited Juul CEO’s letter which had appeared on their website and also in a mail which was sent to a parent of a child who complained of having sold with the company’s products. It was said in the letter that Juul’s convenient and simple system had temperature regulation for heating nicotine liquid without involving any combustion and delivered satisfaction to the smokers without any harm. Dr. Ned Sharpless, FDA acting commissioner criticized the marketing strategies of Juul in a news release. He said that in spite of where products such as tobacco fall under the continuum of risks from tobacco products, it was made clear by law that before tobacco products are marketed for their reduced risk the company should make clear demonstration that their products is less risky or less harmful and this should be backed with scientific evidence.

Sharpless said that they will continue scrutinizing marketing of tobacco products and proper steps will be taken to ensure that the public is not misled by companies. The company has been asked to give explanation on the use of nicotine salts in their products and also regarding the 5% nicotine concentration which as per FDA would increase addictiveness.

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