Walmart Quits E-Cigarette Sale As Vaping Related Deaths Increase


With many reports arising against e-cigarettes, protests against the sale of these electronic devices increase. The latest to join in this fight against vaping is Walmart.

Walmart has announced that it would quit selling e-cigarettes as there are many regulatory complexities arising recently from using this product.

The company states, “There are various regulatory complexities and uncertainties surrounding e-cigarettes and we plan to discontinue the sale of these electronic products in all our stores”. The company states that once the current inventory is over, the company would complete its exit.

The Center for Disease Control has reported that 8 people have died through vaping. Many face lung problems and other diseases caused by this addiction. Though the actual cause is still not proved, it is found that young children, who are accustomed to vaping, are the most infected.

CDC recommends that people should refrain from the use of e-cigarettes and other related products. It has also warned that people should not switch over to traditional cigarettes, once they give up vaping.

Children are choosing to vape, a habit growing in schools especially among high-school goers. Though considered as a better alternative to the traditional cigarette, it is found that more children are developing this habit of vaping.

Parents are happy that corporations are taking action against such habits. More companies should follow the example set by Walmart, claim mothers.

Early this year, Walmart had placed severe restrictions towards the purchase of tobacco products, by decreasing the minimum age to 21 years in all its stores. It has also put a ban on flavored e-cigarette sale, as they tempt young children.

However, the Vaping Technology Association has criticized the step taken by Walmart towards e-cigarettes. People in the association have protested against this decision, claiming that adult smokers will move back to smoking, if they do not get access to the vapor products.

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