Affordable Internet Services For All Through Internet Satellites


Providing internet service to remote places on earth is the chief focus of companies who have joined in the space race.

 Companies like SpaceX, Amazon, and others have asked permission from U.S. regulators so that they can provide internet services through their constellations of satellites.

About 3 billion people are not using the internet, which accounts for almost half the global population. Providing people in distant areas with better connectivity to the world, providing them with medical care and job opportunities is something that can be easily done through space-based internet facilities.

However, some of the drawbacks are the huge expenses involved in launching it. Further, it faces various technologically complex issues that will make it very expensive for people in remote areas, who will not be able to afford it.

Space supremacy can now be gained through satellites.

Companies like SpaceX and Amazon have been in the race towards this service. Tesla is another company that is catching up in this field. OneWeb is also joining in, to achieve leadership in internet provision. OneWeb has a strong backing through Richard Branson Virgin’s founder. Qualcomm and SoftBank are also investing in it.

However, the satellite companies have to invest heavily in this venture. They have to build antennas and dishes that are very costly. Currently, SpaceX has asked permission from regulators to erect 1 billion earth stations towards providing internet connectivity.

OneWeb intends to operate in Alaska to provide internet connectivity through broadband services.

Currently, Satellite internet is provided through Viasat and HughesNet. Their services are however very costly and do not have many users.

The new satellites are more economical and smaller. Signals travel fast and applications bring in a faster response.

One important issue that has to be addressed is Space junk.  This is also called “orbital debris”. A chain reaction of collisions may happen if they crash into one another.

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