Jeff Zucker Is Leading Candidate For The Position Of WarnerMedia CEO


The meteoric rise of Jeff Zucker in the media industry isn’t going to stop soon as reports suggest that he is the leading internal candidate to take the position of CEO for WarnerMedia which is a new conglomeration that is owned by AT&T. This new company includes HBO, Warner brothers and Turner broadcasting. Currently, Zucker is the head of sports and news for WarnerMedia.

AT&T is undergoing a process to fend off one of their activist investor and to figure out an efficient succession plan for executives. This suggests that the company can still go for an outsider to fill the post but according to trusted internal sources Zucker is one of the prime candidates to take over WarnerMedia’s CEO post if the current CEO John Stankey goes on to become the chief of AT&T.

The rise and fall and again rise of Jeff are lore for the media industry. At the age of just 26, he took the post of executive producer for the Today show which was a morning program for NBC news. He led the show to achieve higher ratings than their competitors and was promoted to the post CEO of the NBCUniversal Television Group. But under his command NBC went to the last place among its competitors in terms of ratings and he stepped down from the job in 2010.

After that CNN named him the president of the company back in 2012. CNN still remains on number 2 in terms of ratings but their online presence have been the best in US and due to his innovative approach Jeff Zucker has managed to double their profits.

He also has a political baggage over him as President Trump once called for his removal from the company and even called them a fake news channel. In an industry that is as fierce as media in terms of competition, AT&T might think of Jeff to be worth the risk according to the insider sources.

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