Facebook Checking To Hide One Of Its Core Features: Likes


The thumbs up sign for Facebook’s ‘likes’ feature may probably disappear from the posts, videos, reactions uploaded on the social media platform.

Facebook is exploring the idea of hiding this feature to reduce stress of users.  Metrics such as reactions, likes and video views will be visible only to the post’s author and none else. Testing will begin on posts in the Southern continent of Australia. User posts and pages alongside ads will undergo the testing which will initially be on a limited scale. Feedback will be obtained from users to know their experience and then it will be rolled out to the rest of the country’s users. The company had disclosed about making the ‘likes’ feature private across the social media platform in the early part of this month.

Facebook -controlled Instagram had made an announcement in April of undertaking such testing on its platform in Canada. This was done to ensure that the videos and photos remained in the spotlight of the followers rather than the number of likes obtained. Testing on Facebook will run on similar lines, said one of the spokesperson of the company.

Results from tests on both platforms would vary and each one of them would enable the company to gain an insight of the user reaction to the absence of the feature. Users who had experienced the Instagram testing had been quite positive about the company’s attempt for improving comfort levels on the app.

A few of the influencers on social media platforms were apprehensive about the testing decision on Instagram. Personalities on Instagram received payment for brand marketing on sponsored content and determination of their remuneration in part was based on the level of engagement they attained. The ‘likes’ feature was one of the ways by which this could be ascertained. So the Facebook action of concealing ‘likes’ could impact influencers on Instagram more as that offered a larger platform for doing their role. Facebook was used as a secondary mode for amplifying content.

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