Chemical fumes in vaping may likely be causing lung injuries


Vaping related lung injuries are probably caused by harmful fumes. These fumes are responsible for damaging the lung tissue. New data counter the previous thought that the cause of damage was organic compounds present in the lungs.Brandon Larsen, a national expert on lung pathology, said that the team wasn’t surprised by the results regarding toxicity. Larsen said that they had observed a similar pattern during the last two years. These cases have suddenly skyrocketed now. Their study offers a detailed review that will enable pathologists to make a diagnosis.

To understand lung injuries due to vaping, Larsen and his team examined biopsies from 17 patients with a median age of 35 years. These patients had admitted to vaping and suspected lung injury.

Out of all the patients, 71% admitted using Cannabis oil, had similar patterns on the biopsy specimens. The authors said that the specimens displayed signs of acute lung injury.

Mineral oils, which until now were understood as the cause of lung injuries, do not damage the lungs. Larsen said that he couldn’t rule out the role of lipids like these mineral oils, but there was nothing to suggest that those were directly responsible for the lung injuries. The results were similar to injury caused by direct chemical exposure like poisonous gases, and noxious fumes.

At least 17 patients have lost their lives because of cannabis-related vaping. There are more than 800 cases of lung injury associated with cannabis oils like cannabidiol. The investigators believe the vape oils contain THC, which is the active component responsible for the effects of marijuana.

The FDA may ban all vaping substances except for tobacco. Some states have banned the sale of vaping oils and e-cigarettes used to consume the oils. The American Lung Association suggests that vaping is unsafe and can cause permanent lung damage.Larsen suggested that the public be educated about the potential life-threatening risks of vaping and measures be taken to regulate these products.

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