Amazon in Dispute with Streaming Competitor Disney over Content


It is a fight for streaming services. Amazon wants to sell some of the ad space that is found in Disney apps. However, Disney has been resisting this decision from Amazon.

This space is available on Fire TV devices. If they cannot reach an agreement, Disney apps may be removed from Fire TV devices. The dispute over the ad sale may bring in further delay of Disney Plus on Fire devices.

Fire TV streams TV apps and is the second-largest distributor. It distributes streaming TV apps for ESPN, ABC and Disney Channel too. If the conflict continues, Disney apps will not be supported by Fire TV device.

This will impact the presence of Disney apps on Fire TV from Amazon if an agreement is not reached between the two of them. Disney+ streaming service distribution will also be affected, feel experts.

Disney+ is to be launched on Nov 12. It will include content from Pixar, Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars at $6.99 per month. Disney Plus is said to be ad-free.

Amazon has locked horns with another streaming competitor when Google and Amazon fire devices were in dispute.  They brought a ban on each other, by which each was not allowed access into the other’s service.  Now, in September, Google has said that its YouTube TV service will be available on Amazon’s Fire devices.

Amazon is said to ask its programmers for 40 percent of its ad inventory. Usually, negotiations are delivered down from these levels.  But Disney has agreed to give up 10 percent of ad inventory, as it is said to have better leverage, due to its popularity and its attraction to consumers.

Apple TV Plus is said to be launched on Nov 1. Apple will be charging $5 per month for its streaming services. There are many consumers waiting for Apple TV app to appear in Fire TV devices.

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