Donald Trump signs the phase one trade deal


Donald Trump, the president of United States had signed a phase one partial trade deal with their trade rivals China this Wednesday the two biggest economies of the world are trying to contain the struggle which they have been going through.

With this deal, the administration of Donald Trump has aimed at a resolution of some of the concerns America has had with the trade abuse on the end of China. Though, this accord has seemingly left the questions about how the two countries are going to enforce these terms and prevent tensions from becoming worse.

This deal is going to take the steps for rooting a lot of the practices out. The practices had been hurting the administration of United States for a long time and included issues like forced transfers of technology and theft in intellectual property and are going to get the access to the Chinese markets in exchange as per the release of the White House. It has also shed details on the increase in the purchases of goods by United States by China of $200 billion in the next two years which is a major priority for the Trump administration.

It has been said by the president that China and United States are now trying to correct the wrongdoings which were done in the past to deliver justice when it comes to economics and security for the families, farmers and workers of United States. He also said that the deal is enforceable completely.

The president has signed this deal amidst the impeachment proceedings which are being done on the president and there is a trial which is going to go on to determine whether he will be removed from office.

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