28 Chinese firms and organizations banned by US for violating human rights


U.S. government has banned 28 Chinese firms and organizations for their role in violation of human rights in the Xinjiang area of China. The action is akin to the move initiated by the country against Chinese tech giant Huawei some months ago.

Beijing has been involved in detention of a large number of majorly Muslim minorities in camps referred to with alternate names by the Chinese government. Reports of human rights violation were obtained from former detainees as told to CNN.

The blacklisted companies comprise 20 security and government organizations in Xinjiang region in addition to eight other companies including tech firms like Meiya Pico and Hikvision.

The U.S. Secretary of Commerce stated that this move was undertaken to show their intolerance to such ruthless clampdown of ethnic minorities in the state. He indicated that their technologies which were nurtured in a free spirit environment were not meant for suppression of helpless minorities.

Hikvision shares were suspended from trading on Shenzhen subsequent to the action. The company has vociferously opposed the action by the U.S. government.

Chinese officials have stood by the Xinjiang crackdown as according to them that was a way of tackling extremism. The ban on Chinese firms however, comes at a time when top-level trade talks were to start afresh in Washington on the coming Thursday for finding a solution to the ongoing trade war between the two countries.

President Trump felt that they were on the right path to getting a big deal and was quite hopeful on the outcome of the talks.

However, the President is battling an impeachment threat over his supposed call to the Chinese authorities in the context of investigating his potential presidential rival, Joe Biden and his son’s business dealsin the Asian country. President Trump is supposed to have given his promise of not interfering in the ongoing Hong Kong protests in return.However, the President has denied making any such promise.

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